Published: 04/03/2020

It’s time to put your home on the market. The viewings – at first – come thick and fast. Yet no offers are made. One month turns into three, three into six, and before you know it, a year has passed with absolutely no movement. The average home takes 50 days to sell, according to Zoopla, but there are always those that just don’t seem to budge. Why does this happen and how can you ensure it doesn’t happen to you? JT Homes explains!

         1. Your asking price is unrealistic
You might not want to hear it, but this is one of the most common reasons an otherwise perfect property might not be selling. Getting this right is crucial; if you overprice it by too much, swathes of potential buyers might not even know it’s available as most people use price filters when searching for properties online. A good way to gauge the price of your home is by researching what other similar properties in your area have sold for, but you can’t beat a solid valuation from a trusted local estate agent.

         2. It’s not on property portals
As well as appearing on your agent’s website – which is an obvious must – make sure it’s also listed on the right portals, such as Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket.

         3. The photos aren’t great
Despite what the age-old saying would have you believe, people will judge a property by its cover. Any decent estate agent, therefore, should come with a professional photographer before listing your property (at no extra cost), and if they haven’t, it’s probably time to look for a new one!

         4. It needs a lick of paint
Been putting off basic maintenance and repairs? This could also be part of the problem. It’s worth spending some money repairing things that are broken before you allow any viewings. Broken curtain rails, peeling paint, or misaligned kitchen cabinets destroy the initial impact you are trying to create, and it's often this initial impact that sells the property for you. If there are more serious issues going on, such as mould or damp, don’t try to cover it up as something like this will always be revealed in a survey. And if you’re not willing to fix it yourself before selling, you must be prepared to lower the price of the property accordingly. The kitchen and bathroom are undeniably the most important rooms, so if you’re not changing the décor at the very least make sure they are sparkling clean and smell fresh!
Another approach – if you don’t want to make any changes – is to own the quirks of the property. Remove grubby carpets to show off original wooden floors and take down curtains to reveal sash windows.

         5. It’s not enticing
It might not always be the most convenient timing in the world, but whenever you have a viewing, make sure your home is as welcoming as possible. By this we mean cleaning, decluttering, making the beds, plumping cushions and ensuring every room is brightly lit – at the very minimum. If you want to take it a step further, replace the reed diffusers in the bathrooms, invest in a new bunch of flowers for the dining table and have something freshly baking in the kitchen. If you’re a smoker or pet owner you’ll have to take bigger measures to make sure there are no off-putting smells to potential buyers.

         6. The staging needs improvement
While it’s true that you’re selling your home – not the furniture inside – having things set out in the right way can make a huge difference in helping to paint the picture of what it will be like to live in it. That means striking the right balance between presenting a well-lived in, well-loved home yet ensuring it’s not too cluttered with personal knick-knacks.

         7. Key features are not included in the listing
If you have things to show off about, such as a garden, garage or parking space, make sure these are mentioned in the listing as these are all popular search terms.

         8. Buyers aren’t aware of potential
Is there room to extend? Make sure this is well-advertised – both in the listing and by the estate agent when they’re showing potential buyers around.

         9. It’s a busy location
A noisy area won’t be for everyone, but if your home is on a busy road or near a station, it will suit those who need to commute, so highlight these features. Emphasise transport links, local schools and shops – it’s all about how you market it!

        10. You need to find the right agent
Is your property being marketed adequately? Are you receiving regular updates and feedback? If not, it’s probably time to look around.
In fact, making sure you have the right agent is probably the most important factor in selling your home. And you know where to find me!

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